whisper : wearable body architectures

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whisper credits

The whisper project is the result of a collaborative team of researchers from a variety of disciplines.

whisper is a large project which includes a range of skills and competencies from hardware and electronic design, to software engineering and programming, to physical space design, to data architecture design, to sound design.

Thecla Schiphorst: concept, system design and integration;

Susan Kozel: performative environment concept and design;

Kristina Andersen: conceptual and interaction design, web documentation;

Julie Tolmie: mathematical visualization;

Norm Jaffe: software design and development;

Sang Mah: creative development consultant;

Andruid Kerne: system design, software design;

Jan Erkke: hardware design and development;

Robb Lovell: media design, software design and implementation;

Laetitia Sonami: sound design;

Grant Gregson: production manager;

Diana Burgoyne: hardware implementation;

Maryan Schiphorst: garment construction;

Camille Baker: web design, video editing, literature search, misc.;

. . . and all the participants of the experience design workshops at SFU


whisper producers/partners/supporters:

whisper has gained the support of important international partners for specific research phases and for public exposure.

V2 Institute for the Unstable Media:

Stock: hardware design and implementation;
Ruben de la Rive Box: intern;
Anne Nigten: co-producer.

whisper is an artist in residence project of V2_Lab and Rotterdam Production House

- also see V2_Lab artist_in_residence_project

- and DEAF Festival 03

The Schouwburg Theatre in Rotterdam:

Annemie Vannekere: co-producer.

Future Physical and Shinkansen in the UK:

Ghislaine Boddington: co-producer.

The Junction:Cambridge Respond event:

Lizzie Muller: co-producer.

...with financial support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Daniel Langlois Fondation, Future Physical, B.C. Arts Council, Simon Fraser University CFI Interactivity Lab, BC Advanced Systems Institute and Canarie

The Daniel Langlois Foundation

The Interactivity Lab, Simon Fraser University

The Canada Council for the Arts

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $12.4 million in media arts throughout Canada.

Nous remercions de son soutien le Conseil des Arts du Canada, qui a investi 12,4 millions de dollars l'an dernier dans les arts médiatiques à travers le Canada.

The British Columbia Council for the Arts


Advanced Systems Institute of British Columbia

NewMic, the former New Media Innovation Foundation, Vancouver, British Columbia

all material copyrighted © 2004 whisper project