whisper : wearable body architectures

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whisper what

whisper is a real-time interactive media installation, based on small wearable devices, wireless computer communication, and handheld technologies embedded in evocative and playful garments worn by the participants. Focusing on body architecture, whisper aims to unearth physical data patterns of the body, mapping physiological data onto linked and networked devices worn on or close to the skin and in garments. In other words, it involves collecting data from the bodies of participants, and through visualisation and sonification techniques, interpreting that data.

whisper is an acronym (wearable, handheld, intimate, sensory, personal, expressive, responsive system) and builds upon physical practices such as dance improvisation, manifesting cultural and scientific theories of embodiment to inform and to iterate sister methodologies in design, engineering and computing science.

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whisper is a collaborative project involving artists (dance, sculpture, music), designers (of visuals, objects & textiles), computer scientists, and hardware/software engineers.

whisper involves distributed network applications utilizing bluetooth wireless protocol enable highly interactive, personalized and affective shared 'play' based on the wearer's physiological data.

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